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Accessories for Radios

Perfectly aligned accessories for HPR2 radios
A well balanced setup for best possible power output and therefore maximization of operating range.

Click here to enlarge   GST74, Antenna mast including tripod
Aluminium tripod with a telescopic mast to extend the antenna height up to 5m. Includes a bag and ropes with hooks.
Order No: 806 098

Click here to enlarge   GVP712 Container for HPR2 High
Power Radio

Small black waterproof container. Holds a HPR2 radio and cables.
Order No: 806 097

Click here to enlarge   GVP711 Softbag for Battery
Soft-bag which can hold a battery.
Includes a cable kit with SAE connectors to connect to GEV272 power cable..
Order No: 806 096

Click here to enlarge   GAD117 Adapter antenna to mast
Adapter for mounting the GAT23 or GAT24 antenna to the top of GST74.
Includes 5m cable.
Order No: 806 101

Click here to enlarge   GAT23 UHF Antenna 430-450Mhz
UHF whip antenna for 430-450MHz frequency range, 5db gain.
Order No: 806 099

Click here to enlarge   GAT24 UHF Antenna 450-470Mhz
UHF whip antenna for 450-470MHz frequency range, 5db gain.
Order No: 806 100