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Original Tripods
Original Tripods The most important criterion for a good tripod is its stability, quite explicitly, the torsional rigidity. With that, a very valuable, but not the only, argument for the original tripod ...

Original Tribrachs
Original Tribrachs Similarly to the stability of the tripod, that of the tribrach is a significant factor in measurement accuracy. The torsional rigidity, the most important criterion of a tribrach, is ...

Original Prisms
Original Prisms The range of a prism results from, among other things, its coating and the glass geometry. A number of Original prisms from Leica Geosystems have a special coating on the reflective ...

Original Data Communication
Original Data Communication Losing data after a work-filled day is frustrating and expensive. The electronic accessories from Leica Geosystems comply with a higher standard than the commercially available accessories ...

Original Batteries and Chargers
Original Batteries and Chargers At first glance, chargers and batteries do not seem to be especially important accessories. Perhaps they do not seem worth paying attention to for quality or origin. Experience shows the ...

Original Quality

As far as the eye could see, there was nothing. Then came the survey professionals. Today an entire city district stands where earlier fields and meadows were. Measurement experts work as pioneers for the realization of the visions and plans of others. The results of their work are essential. Their meaning lies in the truth upon which the others trust. It is with this consciousness that ...   more  

Transparent Choice

All our customers are experts in their fields. All have the need for prof. accessories ...   more  

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Tribrach with Optical Plummet
Data storage

Micro SD Memory Card 1 GB

SPF03 / SPF 04
Screen protection foil

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