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Accessories for Poles

Practice-oriented, secure and comfortable
The accessories for reflector poles provide, on the one hand, a quick set-up and stability. Furthermore, additional accessories are available to mount radio antennas for maximising radio range.

Click here to enlarge   GST74, Antenna mast including tripod
Aluminium tripod with a telescopic mast to extend the antenna height up to 5m. Includes a bag and ropes with hooks.
Order No: 806 098

Click here to enlarge   GSR2, Dual Strut Support
With 2 telescopic legs, for rapid set-up of Ø 25mm poles.
Order No: 555 720

Click here to enlarge   GSR111, Dual Strut Support
With 2 telescopic legs, for rapid set-up. Suitable for poles of all diameters.
Order No: 667 319

Click here to enlarge   GST6, Quickstand
With 3 telescopic legs, provides an extremely stable support for Ø 25mm poles.
Order No: 560 138

Click here to enlarge  

GZW12, TPS Pole Extension
Extends all poles with stub fitting, by 1.00m (3.28ft).
Order No: 403 428
GLS18, GNSS Pole Extension
Extends all poles with 5/8" thread by 1.00m (3.25ft).
Order No: 667 222

Click here to enlarge   GHT62 holder for field controller
Adjustable pole holder for Leica Viva field Controller CS10/15.
Order No: 767 879

Click here to enlarge   GHT36, Base for telescopic rod on tripod
Base with 5/8 inch screw, for setting up telescopic rod on tripod.
Order No: 667 236

  GHT63 poleclamp for field controller holder
Poleclamp to attach a holder GHT62, GHT66 or GHT78 to every telescopic pole.  
Order No: 767 880

Click here to enlarge   GHT64 holder for GFU or GSM modems
Holds GFU or GSM Modems with strong hook and loop fastener. Mountable on all GNSS poles.
Order No: 767 896

GHT66, Holder for Field Controller Leica CS20
Adjustable pole holder for CS20 field controller
Order No: 807 157

  GHT78, Pole holder for Field Controller Leica CS35
Adjustable pole holder for CS35 field tablet
Order No: 832 127


GHT70, Tripod holder for CS field controllers.
For attaching a CS10, CS15, CS20 or CS35 field controller with its designated holder to a tripod.
Order No. 845832