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Containers & Bags

Maximal protection for instruments and accessories
Valuable, sensitive instruments and accessories are optimally protected in Leica Geosystems containers and bags. The hard-shell cases are subjected to drop tests and protect the contents with against drops, dust and splashing water. At the same time, the containers and bags are designed for maximum organisation and the best possible carrying comfort.

Click here to enlarge   GVP609, Container for Accessory
For 2 reflectors (GPR121, GPR111, GPH1 with GPR1, GRZ4 or GPH1P), 2 carriers (GZR3, SNLL121, GZR103 or GRT144), 2 tribrachs (all types), GZT4 target plate and GHM007 height meter.
Order No: 667 451

  GVP721, Container for Base & Rover
GS08/12/14/15 Base & Rover
Order No: 817 053

  GVP722, Container for SmartPole and SmartStation
GS08/12/14/15 Smartstation
Order No: 817 055

  GVP723, Container for GS10/25 Base
GS10/25 Base
Order No: 817 056

  GVP720, Container for Rover
GS08/12/14 Rover
Order No: 817 052

  GVP724, Container for TPS RoboticBase & Rover
TPS Robotic
Order No: 817 057

Click here to enlarge   GVP643, Soft Bag for CS10 Field Controller
Soft bag for CS10 field controller for transportation and protection against dirt. Including belt loop.
Order No: 767 904

Click here to enlarge   GVP644, Soft Bag for CS15 Field Controller
Soft bag for CS15 field controller for transportation and protection against dirt. Including belt loop.
Order No: 767 905

Click here to enlarge   GVP703, Soft Bag
Padded bag for accessories, controller or tablet PC CS25.
Order No: 790 314

Click here to enlarge   GVP647, Minipack for GNSS Receiver
Minipack, for GS10 receiver, allows to carry GNSS receiver and RTK devices in a most ergonomic way on the back.
Order No: 770 707

Click here to enlarge   GVP102, Soft Bag for Prism Station
Soft bag with shoulder strap, for prism station, consist of tribrach,prism carrier or laser plummet and prism.
Order No: 727 589

  GVP716, Backpack carrying system
Easy-to-mount backpack system for carrying all large TPS and GPS container including TS/MS60 containers
Order No: 833 516

  GVP717, Sidebag for Containers
Can be mounted to GVP721/722/723/725 containers . To hold additional accessories, Leica CS35 field tablet, Laptop or documents.
Order No: 833 517

  GVP718, Basic carrying system
Fits to GVP721/722/723/725 containers .
Order No: 833 518

  GVP719, Shoulder Strap
For carrying short distances. Fits to GVP721/722/723/725 containers .
Order No: 833 519


Click here to enlarge   GDZ66, Back Strap
Set of two back straps, for all containers with suitable mountings. The container can still be opened while the straps are attached.
Order No: 744 501