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Unhappy with copies? There is only one original!
Benefit from the quality, precision and reliability of Leica Geosystems Original Accessories – perfectly suited for Leica Geosystems measuring equipment.
Leica Geosystems Original Accessories now come with unique security codes that guarantee that what you bought is truly a part of a genuine Leica Geosystems’ solution.
No other accessories compare to those developed and produced by Leica Geosystems. You’ll experience the difference: truly optimised for your Leica Geosystems measuring equipment and enabling maximum performance.
You place great importance on accurate results and the quality of your deliverables. By validating your accessory security code, you will be 100 % sure you can rely on Leica Geosystems Original Accessories.
The excellent results you experience by using the Leica Geosystems Original Accessories will convince you that there’s no substitution for the very best.

How to verify authenticity?

Watch the video on how to check the security code!



You’ll recognise Leica Geosystems Original Accessories by the security label with an unique code and colour-shifting logo, found on either the packaging or additional leaflet. Each security code is unique and therefore highly fraud resistant. Even the colour-shift ink logo is protected and highly secure making counterfeiting very difficult. The genuineness of your accessory can be verified by entering the security code at:
myworld.leica-geosystems.com/validate or by scanning the QR code.

The security label consists of following security features:

  • Hologram bar

  • Trademark protected Leica Geosystems logo
  • Accessories logo with colour-shifting ink
  • QR code with automatic connection
     to myWorld security verification
  • 15 digit unique security code
  • URL for manual verification

Verify the genuineness of your accessory!

Check the security code at:


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