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To be precise: Every detail counts
It is with this consciousness that Leica Geosystems designs its instruments. And it is from this standpoint that Leica builds accessories that have been meticulously aligned to the instruments. Because every detail counts, when visions are to become reality. As far as the eye could see, there was nothing. Then came the survey professionals. Today an entire city district stands where earlier fields and meadows were. Measurement experts work as pioneers for the realization of the visions and plans of others. The results of their work are essential. Their meaning lies in the truth upon which the others trust.


The term "quality" is quickly and easily said, as long as one is not talking about concrete results. But it is only results that count: for the professional user, the measurement result. For Leica Geosystems, the satisfied customer. And that is over years and decades.

The quality of the original
For about ninety years, Leica Geosystems has given the term "quality" concrete substance. It covers not only the mechanical and optical quality of the accessories, but also, in the last decade increasingly important, the electronic quality with the criteria data integrity and data security. This comprehensive quality is the result of a unique process with clear guidelines and meticulous controls: starting with the qualifications of the supplier, to the testing, processing and refining of the materials, from the assembly of the components up to the tuning of the accessories to the instruments, and the accompanying tests for compliance to all specifications.

The precision of the original
Precision can only be defined as the accuracy of the instrument and accessory system as a whole. Speaking with the experience of the professional: "The best instrument is worth less when the accessory is not perfectly aligned to that instrument." The value of the original can be recognized when accessories with descriptions such as "Leica-like" are offered. This honours us, but does not help our customers further, because these products neither match the quality the customer expects from original Leica Geosystems accessories, nor are they as perfectly aligned to the Leica Geosystems instruments.

The reliability of the original
Just as the expert sometimes has to perform tasks in minus temperatures, so must his equipment always function smoothly, even in extreme conditions. And just as the technician works for many years, so should his equipment give him many long years of service, like the original accessories from Leica Geosystems.

The guarantee of the original

  • The exchange guarantee during the warranty period of one year means that you promptly receive a new, identical product or a repaired product, should your accessory exhibit manufacturing defects.
  • The replacement parts guarantee means that during the product’s lifetime, and according to the accessory series, even after the discontinuation of a product, Leica Geosystems will have replacement parts available for you.