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Maximum accuracy and range
The range of a prism results from, among other things, its coating and the glass geometry. A number of Original prisms from Leica Geosystems have a special coating on the reflective surfaces – the Anti-Reflex Coating, and a copper coating on the reverse side. Without these, the range of distance measuring, ATR and Powersearch would be reduced by up to 30%. The workmanship and the durability of the copper coating are decisive for a long life. The glass dimensions, the position in the holder and with it the areal orientation, are important for measuring accuracy.

Leica Geosystems prisms are manufactured from glass of the highest quality and furnished with optical coatings so that even under the most extreme environmental conditions, a long lifetime and maximum range of the highest accuracy can be achieved.
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The optimal prism for your application
Leica Geosystems offers a transparent selection of prisms in various sizes for different areas of application.
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Perfect Compatibility of the Accessories
On this table you will find an overview of Leica Geosystems instruments and the accessories recommended for them.



Click here to enlarge   GPR121, Circular Prism with Holder
Precision circular prism with anti-reflection coating, mounted in metal holder. Supplied with removable target plate. Centring accuracy 1.0mm, range 3500 m.
Order No: 641 617

Click here to enlarge   GPR1, Circular Prism
Precision circular prism with anti-reflection coating. Suitable for mounting in GPH1 and GPH3 holders. Centring accuracy 1.0 mm, range 3500 m.
Order No: 362 830

Click here to enlarge   GRZ4, 360° Reflector
Suitable for all robotic TPS work performed with a survey pole. Large rubber mountings protect the prism. Overall 3D pointing accuracy of 5.0mm. When aiming on a side marked by a yellow arrow, an accuracy of better than 2.0mm can be achieved. ATR range of 600m (2000ft).
Order No: 639 985


Click here to enlarge   GPR111, Circular Prism with Holder
Circular prism, sealed in red polymer holder. Large integrated target plate provides good visibility. Centring accuracy 2.0mm, range 2500m.
Order No: 641 618



Click here to enlarge  
  GPR113, Circular Prism with Holder
Circular prism mounted in red polymer holder. Suitable for fitting of the 362823 GZT4 target plate. Centring accuracy 2.0mm, range 2,500 m (8,200ft).
Order No: 753 492


Click here to enlarge   GPH1, Prism Holder
Holder for one GPR1 circular prism. The 362823 GZT4 target plate can be attached to this holder.
Order No: 362 820

Click here to enlarge   GPH3, Prism Holder
Holder for three GPR1 circular prisms. Provides extremely long distance measuring range, up to 5400m with prism mode.
Order No: 400 080

Click here to enlarge   GZT4 target plate for GPH1
Target plate, mountable on the GPH1 and GPR113 prism holder.
Order No: 362 823